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Driving Progress through Sustainability

We lead by example—creating innovative, sustainable solutions while reducing our footprint and supporting communities in which we operate around the world.

Agricultural systems that yield ample, safe and nutritious food while reducing the impact on the environment. Abundant, sustainable energy that decreases our dependence on non-renewable sources. Protection for the things that matter most—the planet and its inhabitants. DuPont creates products and services that help meet these needs. And we are resolved to meet these needs responsibly, working directly in the communities in which we operate. We have committed to reducing our footprint, and encourage our partners and suppliers to work with us to enhance sustainability throughout our supply chain and theirs.

Our scientists and engineers work closely with academic institutions, governments, other companies and NGOs to develop, support and sustain scientific education and research directly focused on meeting urgent global challenges while protecting the planet and its people. 

DuPont Sustainability Goals

Since 1990, DuPont has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement. Twenty-five years later, we continue our leadership journey by announcing a set of 2020 Sustainability Goals that integrate sustainability in our innovation process, further improve our operational footprint, and continue our efforts to enhance global food security. As we look toward the future, science and innovation will be essential to making our planet’s resources secure.

Our Sustainable Innovation Goal is the centerpiece for sustainability at the Next Generation DuPont—and of our 2020 Sustainability Goals. It commits us to further embedding sustainability in our innovation process so that products in our pipeline will contribute to a safer, healthier, more sustainable world. Because we are committed to helping end hunger and building global food security, Food Security is also at the heart of our priorities. Lastly, with a continuing focus on improving our footprint, we have set new goals in emissions, water use and waste.

DuPont 2020 Footprint Goals

Decades ago, we began to focus on the environmental impact of our operations and pro-actively respond to calls for environmental compliance. In 1989, when we announced our first set of corporate goals, our focus was on reducing the environmental footprint of our manufacturing operations.

Since then, our subsequent corporate sustainability goals have continued our drive toward a smaller footprint. In 2006, we announced a number of 2015 footprint goals and, in 2013, achieved the majority of these goals two years ahead of schedule.

Now, we take the next step on our journey to reduce the impacts of our operations.


We will reduce our non-renewable energy use by 10% per price-adjusted dollar revenue, compared to a baseline of 2010.


We will further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 7% from a 2015 baseline.


Each DuPont business will meet a 2020 waste goal appropriate to its operation.

Water St

All DuPont sites in locations evaluated as high or extremely high water-risk will establish water risk mitigation plans and complete priority implementation objectives by 2020.

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